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LEGION (Phil Vincent) - Resurrection (2012)

LEGION (Phil Vincent) - Resurrection (2012) mp3 download


LEGION, the Melodic Hard Rock band assembled by vocalist Phil Vincent and Bob Catley's guitarist Vince O’Regan have recorded three good albums (all presented here) so far.
The just released "Resurrection" is the fourth and final offering from the combo, as recently Vincent announced the end of the project due the lack of support from their label.

For those new to Legion, they blend classic Melodic Hard Rock sounds with some ballsy guitar-based Hard Rock.
The debut was really melodic with a style mixing the rocking side of Winger with Dokken melodies. The band hardened the output for the 2nd 'Code Of Honour', an approach even more increased in the third.
"Resurrection" is the perfect balance of all delivering some truly MHR goodies and a couple of strong hard rockers.

If you liked some of previous Legion CD's you won't be disappointed with "Resurrection", if fact, it's their best production.
A shame the band is no more together as with this album Legion has really tweaked all the knobs sounding tight as never. The songwriting is quite awesome and musically they rock big time.
Besides, "Resurrection" sports the more dynamic, bouncing production and mix of their entire discography resulting in a crisp collection of melodic yet powerful killer songs.
Very Recommended.

01. On The Outside
02. All Your Love
03. Woman
04. Back For More
05. Crucified
06. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
07. Time After Time
08. Halfway Home
09. You Are The Fire
10. The Hunger
11. Free Yourself

Vocals, Keyboards – Phil Vincent
Guitars – Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley / Eden / Pulse)
Irvin Parrot – Keyboards
Bass – Gavin Cooper (Lionsheart)
Drums – Steve Hopgood (Jagged Edge)






ALLHAZERED hails from Germany with their self-titled debut containing a bag of retro Hard Rock sounds influenced by the greats (read Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath) with a dash of more contemporary bands.
New tags or genres invented lately to sell music put them into the 'stoner rock' slot but they simply play vintage bluesy-rock driven by potent riffs and melodies.

From the first note you'll be transported to those typical seventies live studio recordings with airy reverbered drums, deep bass lines and valvular-amp guitars, and to be honest, these guys have managed to capture the vital vibe of the seminal Rock 'n Roll.
Since opener "All In Vain" AllHazeRed start with their brand of bluesy hard rock and they don't stop the whole record through. And they play it the good way which means on a progressive scale and mixed with different colors which is much better than repeat the same old things over and over again.

Good rockers like the hot "Do Or Die", "Down" and "Into the Sun" are interspersed with interesting slow numbers akin Zepp IV as "Throu' with You" and "Al'Hazred" adding some different percussions into the mix.
"Come Alive" starts with acoustic guitars but a few moments later the pace grows, the overdrive explodes and this song turns out to be a flourish Hard Rock track with a great solo and an oriental outro.
"Summer Kiss" is quite balladesque and nearly sentimentally and because of that the record becomes more loosened and more fun to listen to.
There's quite variation on songs like "What I Know" where the bands looks for more modern influences recalling earlier Soundgarden, but this, at the same time, means recalling Black Sabbath.
In the end "No Regrets" bursts out of the speakers again and vocalist Zeb shows how adequately his pipes fits in this type of music. Those riffs were invented for this kind of voices.

AllHazeRed has delivered a very solid piece of retro Hard Rock with enough variation and musicality to be considered more than 'another band' doing the same old-fashioned thing again.
Despite their German origin they sound truly British in all aspects, from songwriting and musicianship to attitude and vibe. Production is very good catching the spirit of an era when the premise was simply plug-in your guitar and rock openly.
Really good debut.

01 - All In Vain
02 - Come Alive
03 - Chosen Few
04 - Do Or Die
05 - Al'Hazred
06 - What I Know
07 - Down
08 - Summer Kiss
09 - Into the Sun
10 - Throu' with You
11 - Lie to Me
12 - No Regrets

Seb - Vocals, Guitar
Kim - Lead Guitar
Toms - Bass
Manu - Drums

ALLHAZERED - ST (2012) back cover



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EDEN LOST - Breaking The Silence (2012)

EDEN LOST - Breaking The Silence (2012) mp3 download


Spanish melodic hard rockers EDEN LOST have a history dating back to 1999, and they released their debut album in 2005 on the AOR Heaven label. Seven years have passed and now the second disc aptly titled "Breaking the Silence" is here.
Eden Lost plays a mature, adult Melodic Hard Rock very easy to like, conducted by talented guitar player Jesus Laso which provides the main drive of the music together with the other axe slinger Javier Nieto in a well balanced wall of sound, while vocalist Ignacio Prieto has a smooth and pleasant tune in his throat.
Soundwise they are somewhere between the classic '80s sounds and the slightly more modern '90s stuff of the genre.

Opener "Starting Again" is a powerful track which kicks the album in a good form featuring a guest guitar solo by Jorge Salan (Jeff Scott Soto, Mago de Oz), followed by the melodic "Gotta Be Together".
Title track "Breaking The Silence" is perhaps the more solid track of the entire album, a marching melodic hard rocker with a contagious refrain, sharper guitars and great rhythm.
"Ready To Rock" and "Feel Free" are '80s sounding tracks American-influenced with some Bon Jovi hints in the latter, then "Locked In Your Heart" sees Eden Lost trying to emulate the Whitesnake-esque style of 'Is This Love'.

Another highlight on the disc is the semi-midtempo AOR ballad "Hard To Believe". The band manages really well the silky sounds as the other slow songs "Locked In Your Heart" and closer "Times Are Changing" work really well.
More rockers worth to mention includes "March The 11th" with big melodies and strong choruses, the catchy guitars on the string riffing fueled "No More Sorrows", and the slightly Swedish influenced "Sun Keeps Shining" featuring another guest guitar solo, this time by Jaime de la Aldea (Nexx's Patricia Tapia band).

Seven years is a hell of a long wait for a second album, in which time I suspect you pretty much have to start again as fans will easily have forgot, and even moved onto other music and artists.
Hope it's not too late for Eden Lost, as "Breaking The Silence" has the substance of songs to attract the Melodic Rock / AOR audience with good melodies and musicianship.
This recording easily can put the band back in the rock scene and land them into an international breakthrough, something the guys and their manager are working on hard.
Solid, good stuff.

EDEN LOST - Breaking The Silence (2012) back cover

Ignacio Prieto - Vocals
Jesus Laso, Javier Nieto - Guitars
Santi Hernandez - Bass
Javier Gallego - Keys
Jorge De La Cuerda - Drums



INNER SIEGE - Kingdom Of Shadows (2012)

INNER SIEGE - Kingdom Of Shadows (2012)


INNER SIEGE is a new band from Illinois, US, which managed to impress someone along the way as they inked a deal with Los Angeles based Roxx Records to release "Kingdom Of Shadows", their debut full length album.

Fans who were blown away when Queensryche 'The Warning' was first released bringing a refined majesty to American metal, will embrace "Kingdom Of Shadows" with open arms.
The guitar work of Kevin Grose and J.L. Prater simply shreds while the bass work of Ravn and drum precision of Wade Helm lock it all down tight. Vocalist Jeremy Ray conveys that same kind of incredible emotional resonance with technical skill delivering a tight performance.
Musically there is a lot of muscle here and it's not relying on a bunch of blast beats to get the point across.
There's some really heavy moments in "Fight On" and "Abuser" bordering power metal, but most of the material is American melodic metal oriented as the impactful "Warrior", "Excuses" and "Ultimate Sacrifice".
We have more commercial, almost catchy tracks in the truly Queensryche-like "Dragon Rider" and the excellent midtempo "Children Of Winter", and even we have an instrumental ballad with the fantastic "What Kind of Love" featuring a terrific guitar work.

"Kingdom Of Shadows" is an impressive debut by Inner Siege. The songs are really well cafted and interestingly arranged, played with solid musicianship.
With this foundation (essential in any good album) the true highlight in this recording is the awesome clean and polished sound. It's thick and powerful, but crystal clear as a faceted diamond, perfectly mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom (Dream Evil).
Lovers of polished Melodic American Metal, early Queensryche and alikes, rejoice; Inner Siege's "Kingdom Of Shadows" brings back that traditional style with class.

01 - Warrior
02 - Fight On
03 - Dragon Rider
04 - Children of Winter
05 - Control
06 - Abuser
07 - Excuses
08 - Free
09 - What Kind of Love
10 - Ultimate Sacrifice

Vox : Jeremy Ray
Axe : Kevin Grose
Axe : J.L. Prater
Drums : Wade Helm
Bass : Ravn



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TALISMAN - Genesis [Deluxe Edition 2012] (2012)

TALISMAN - Genesis [Deluxe Edition 2012] (2012)


Swedish / American melodic hard rockers TALISMAN still remains as one of my favorites in the genre. All the Talisman catalog has just been reissued by a Swedish label with new artwork, newly remastered audio and previously unreleased material.
Their second album "Genesis" is, in my opinion, the band's best and Jeff Scott Soto finest recording ever.

Talisman incorporated the best elements of '80s AOR and early '90s commercial Hard Rock and did so at a time when mainstream musical tastes no longer cared much for this kind of music.
Hearing "Genesis" you have to wonder why this band wasn't huge. Even in the grunge-drenched years a band this good should have broke through to the masses.
"Genesis" is just a fantastic example of hard-hitting but very accessible, catchy Melodic Rock. It's extremely well written and avoids the common clichés. Guitarist Guitarist Fredrik Akesson really shines paired with Marcel Jacob's funky bass style. And of course Soto gives an incredible performance full of his trademark power and soul.
The main album was newly remastered in 2012 from the original masters, includes a different version of "Time After Time" and the track list was slightly changed.

The previously unreleased bonus tracks are real gems; original pre-production demos from 1990 where Marcel's amazing bass playing and Jeff Scott Soto's vocals are left from the original tapes, while the drums and guitars were recorded this summer in 2012.
The new recordings, sound and mix are awesome.
"Genesis [Deluxe Edition 2012]" is the very definition of a must-have Melodic Hard Rock album.

01 - Comin' Home
02 - Time After Time [different version]
03 - Mysterious - This Time It's Serious -
04 - If You Would Only Be My Friend
05 - All Or Nothing
06 - All I Want
07 - U Done Me Wrong
08 - I'll Set Your House On Fire
09 - Give Me A Sign
10 - Lovechild
11 - Long Way To Go
12 - Run With The Pack [original Japanese bonus]

Bonus Tracks: Demo versions re-recorded & mixed 2012
Previously Unreleased
13 - Give Me A Sign [Demo version revisited 2012]
14 - Comin' Home [Demo version revisited 2012]
15 - U Done Me Wrong [Demo version revisited 2012]
16 - Time After Time [Demo version revisited 2012]

Jeff Scott Soto: Lead & Backing Vocals
Fredrik Akesson: Guitars
Marcel Jacob: Bass, Drums, Guitar
Julie Greaux: Piano on 6
Jake Samuels: Drums



JIMI JAMISON - Unreleased Music (2012)

JIMI JAMISON - Unreleased Music (2012) mp3 download


JIMI JAMISON is, without a doubt, a Rock 'n Roll icon.
He has released - in the opinion of this blog staff - the best Melodic Rock / AOR album of the year.
Now, at the end of 2012 Jimi is publising by himself "Unreleased Music", a collection of never released recordings from some years ago.

Around 2005-2007 Jamison teamed up again with longtime collaborator Kenny Mims from Nashville and tracked down some original tunes written by the duo, never released until today.
These are beautiful Melodic Rock songs, some with a country/americana flavor and the typical Jimi Jamison touch. Although including some acoustic instrumentation all are electric-based with a Rock pulse where the magical voice of Jimi takes the central stage.
There's a couple of songs penned with former Survivor guitarist/keyboardist Jim Peterik destined for an album together that never was finished.
One of them is "Sound Of Home" (recorded by Peterik's for Pride Of Lion 1st album) presented here in a more Classic Rock style, and "Heart Of A Woman" which appeared in Jamison/Peterik album 'Extra Moments', but this is a completely different version.

"Unreleased Music" is an official release by Jimi Jamison own label / publishing SongCast.
It shows Jimi's more organic, Classic Rock side, but don't be fooled, this stuff rocks from the heart.
As all touched by this unique singer, "Unreleased Music" is a must have for any Melodic Rock / AOR fan.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Bring 'Em Back
02 - Miss That Girl
03 - Till You Love Someone
04 - The Sound Of Home
05 - A Kiss To Remember You By
06 - Emily Lives In My Guitar
07 - Language Of Love
08 - Heart Of A Woman

Personnel unlisted



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STEEL PANTHER - British Invasion [DVD Audio] (2012)

STEEL PANTHER - British Invasion [DVD Audio] (2012) mp3 download
the Real One


Steel Panther have just released the raucously riveting DVD / Blu-Ray video "British Invasion", recorded at Brixton Academy in London. The set features all the band's tongue in cheek hard rock songs that made them famous.
This is a 14-song concert, opening with "Eyes Of A Panther" to an absolute manic audience. In spite of their habitual parody style, Steel Panther musical performances are absolutely flawless, high-energy renditions of all your favorites.
Also included is a bonus DVD featuring the band's performance at the Download Festival this year.
The sound mix is superb, and listening Steel Panther doing these songs live is a completely different experience than the studio recordings.

"British Invasion" won't be released on CD Audio.
As this particular concert was certainly a big budget event where the boys pulled out all the stops, from pole dancers during "Stripper Girl" to a female drawn Rickshaw for the opening of "Asian Hooker", there's many minutes in between songs with the band interacting with the crowd.
This is the real deal for listening just the audio: all the 'talking' parts have been edited and you have only the songs as they were played.
Only @ 0dayRockz

01 - Steel Panther - Eyes Of A Panther
02 - Steel Panther - Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
03 - Steel Panther - Fat Girl
04 - Steel Panther - Hair Solo
05 - Steel Panther - Party All Day
06 - Steel Panther - Hell's On Fire
07 - Steel Panther - Stripper Girl
08 - Steel Panther - Asian Hooker
09 - Steel Panther - Turn Out The Lights
10 - Steel Panther - Girl From Oklahoma
11 - Steel Panther - We Want Pussy
12 - Steel Panther - Community Property
13 - Steel Panther - The Shocker
14 - Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal

01 - Steel Panther - Supersonic Sex Machine
02 - Steel Panther - Community Property
03 - Steel Panther - Tiger Woods
04 - Steel Panther - 17 Girls In A Row
05 - Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal (feat. Corey Taylor)

STEEL PANTHER - British Invasion [DVD Audio] (2012) back cover

Not for Sale


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0DAYROCKZ Advanced Releases 2013 VOL.3

0DAYROCKZ Advanced Releases 2013 VOL.3 - mp3 download


Last 0DAYROCKZ Advanced Releases (Vol.3) for the next year.
All these tracks are not part of any album yet, some are singles available at the usual music retailers, some not, just distributed to selected press / promotion companies.

Fans of '80s Ratt will love the new promising Norwegian band NITERAIN. A debut album is expected in 2013's spring. Rocking song.
The fist-pumping four piece, high octane hard rock band from North England FALLING RED is, according to Kerrang! magazine 'one of the best the UK has to offer'. "We Are Reckless" is the advanced single from their upcoming album.
If Melodic Hard Rock is your thing, surely you will remember French act SHANNON. The group released three good albums in the past decade, now with some lineup changes returns with the album "Circus of Lost Souls" earlier in 2013. "Ride To Live" is the marching advanced single with an updated Euro MHR sound from the guys.

Another good band returning to the fore are Swedes HIGHER GROUND. New album in the making, being "Missing You" the new single with the group's typical crystal clear AOR sound.
Londoners NIGHT BY NIGHT were already presented in the previous sampler (Vol.2). "The Moment" is another great track from their single-EP 'Time To Escape'. They're talking with labels for their full length release.
EDEN'S CURSE have a cracking new single; "Time To Breathe", the first featuring new frontman Marco Sandron. Good hooks and melodies which bodes extremely well for the future. New album coming soon.

Founded by vocalist Indigo Balboa who has worked with Mark Spiro and guitar player Paco Cerezo (ex- 91 Suite), INDICCO is a Spanish AOR band set to release their debut 'Karmalion' soon with colaborations from Jimi Jamison, Tim Pierce, Michael Thompson and Mark Spiro. Check their advance "Feel No Shame". Really promising.
LANESLIDE, the new Melodic Hard Rock project by Frank Vestry (Marcello/Vestry), including Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville), Bruno Kraler (Brunorock), John Billings (Lancia) and many more was presented in the previous sampler. "Hanging Out Here" is another killer Melodic Rock tune from their debut.
From Illinois, USA, SLAM BANG will soon be releasing their album 'Every Day is a Party'. The first single "Naked And Stoned" is a really fun party-like '80s hard rock track with foot-tapping hooks.

TESSERACT is a Neo-Prog band with some metal overtones that slipped under my radar. They released one album and an EP, then disbanded. Earlier this year they found a new vocalist and started the recording of a new album, being "Nocturne" the excellent advance. Strong riffs and great arrangements in this track with a fantastic polished production sound. Added to my watch list.
Hailing from Glasgow, Britain, ROADWAY is a real promise. The band completed their debut record in the plans for an early 2013 release. Taking their style from a mix of classic rock giants of the '70s and '80s with an updated treatment, they display a strong musicianship and a mature sound. One of the tracks from the album ("This Is Why") features no-other than Doogie White on guest vocals.
UK melodic rock wonders ROMEO'S DAUGHTER returned this year with the great CD 'Rapture'. As bonus, we have here the very good b-side "Fantastic Day" (non album track) taken from the single 'Bittersweet'. Lovable melodious song.

01 - NiteRain - Dirty
02 - Falling Red - We Are Reckless
03 - ShannoN - Ride To Live
04 - Higher Ground - Missing You
05 - Night By Night - The Moment
06 - Eden's Curse - Time To Breathe
07 - Indicco - Feel No Shame
08 - Laneslide - Hanging Out Here
09 - Slam Bang - Naked And Stoned
10 - TesseracT - Nocturne
11 - Takayoshi Ohmura - Wanna Get A Good Love
12 - Roadway - This Is Why (feat. Doogie White)
13 - Romeo's Daughter - Fantastic Day [2012 b-side] (bonus)

0DAYROCKZ Advanced Releases 2013 VOL.3 banner

Only @ 0dayrockz


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JUST IF I - All One People [AOR Heaven Classix] (2012)

JUST IF I - All One People [AOR Heaven Classix] (2012) mp3 download


JUST-IF-I was a short-lived project formed by the Canadian songwriters Noah ‘Neal’ Shilkin and Sam Kaleniuk that received some big attention by the participation of Loverboy singer Mike Reno and Journey guitarist Neal Schon.
The album entitled "All One People" was released in Canada first, and two years after in Germany, Japan and USA, in all places through small labels.

Shilkin, Kaleniuk and Mike Reno wrote all the songs, and they invited the exquisite Humberto Gatica (Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald) as producer and friends like Ken Sinnaeve & Matt Frenette (Loverboy, Streetheart) and Neal Schon (Journey, Hardline) to record the stuff at Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver.
Because Mike Reno co-wrote and sings on all tracks, it's obvious that the material can be compared to that of Loverboy, with the only difference that it's more purely AOR oriented.

This album holds without a doubt some of the best lyrics ever done on an AOR record. One of the more touching is opener "Cindy's Song" which was inspired by a girl named Cindy who as child had been sexually abused.
And more than that, it was a courageous move to open the CD with "Cindy's Song" as it is a ballad... and a damn great one.
But what pushes this record into classic territory is the superb radio driven written rock tones in it.
Songs like "Go Ahead And Cry" (radio-friendly song with a killer hookline), the epic-bombastic "Carpe Diem", the brilliantly arranged mid-tempo AOR anthem "After The Storm", the fantastic ballad "Anytime, Anywhere" and the rockin' "For Those In Favour" are all excellent numbers.
Perhaps my favorite of the entire recording is the superb "For Your Love", a melodious tune full of magic close to AOR perfection.

"All One People" is a really awesome piece of work in all departments, with great tunes, superb playing and pristine production. One of my favorite AOR albums from the nineties.
Reno is on top form and the songs are very thought-provoking yet fun and catchy. There's solid arrangements and instrumentation, with Neal Schon dropping his class in four songs.
Had this album been released by a major label, and I’m sure it would have sold a lot better than it actually did, almost without promotion.
This "All One People AOR Heaven Classix" has been digitally remastered and sounds better than ever, with a crisp output.
A cult gem, don't hesitate and order it pronto, it's limited to 1000 copies.

01 - Cindy's Song
02 - All One People
03 - Anywhere Anytime
04 - Go Ahead And Cry
05 - Carpe Diem
06 - After The Storm
07 - For Your Love
08 - My Turn
09 - If It Feels Right
10 - For Those In Favour
11 - The Reprise

Mike Reno: Lead & Backing Vocals
Neil Shilkin: Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Russell Klyne: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Neal Schon: Guitar
Ken Sinnaeve: Bass
Matt Frenette: Drums
James McGillveray: Percussion
Dee Daniels: Vocals on 11, Backing Vocals
David Steele: Backing Vocals
Richard Sera: Keyboards on 1
Etric Lyons: Bass on 1
Ronnie Baran: Drums on 1



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SHOW-YA - Genuine Diamond (2012)

SHOW-YA - Genuine Diamond (2012) mp3 download


Most Hard Rock collectors know the name SHOW-YA, the all female act from Japan. I still enjoy their earlier AOR - Rock '86 albums decidedly American sounding.
The band has big popularity in Asia and made a valiant attempt at making it worldwide in the second half of the eighties, touring Europe and the US, even recording a very good album in 1989 ('Outer Limits') in L.A. with Beau Hill producing.
Show-Ya disbanded in 1998, but reformed with the original line-up in 2005 for the 20th anniversary of their first LP. Now they're releasing "Genuine Diamond", Show-Ya's first CD of original material since the band's return.

"Genuine Diamond" is a late '80s hard rock oriented album with some AOR touches. Potent riffs, strong synth presence and the good vocals of Keiko Terada. She mixes English lyrics with her native language, so sometimes could sound a bit weird if you are not accustomed to Japanese bands. Anyway, musically Show-Ya is an accomplished act.
First track "Bloody Rose" begins with a strong bass line, leading into a pretty sick guitar opening solo. Terada's vocals harmoniously drift over the music, and for a moment, we are all transported into 1986. Sweet guitar licks give a bite to what could have otherwise been a sweet melody. The song then breaks into a heavy, overdriven guitar solo, and ends on an energetic note, ready to carry us into the next track headbanging.
"Outsider" follows in a more AOR vein with tinkling keyboards, rhythmical guitars and pulsating beats and bass. Terada's voice carries the melody of the song which has a nice chorus.
We have more hard rockers in "Shooting Star", the bluesy and catchy "Count8", "Get My Beat" and "Saga", the latter featuring vintage Hammond-like keyboards.
The other AORish numbers but still rocking are "Survivor" (my favorite), the melodic and acoustic filled "In My Arms" and the poppy ballad "Life With You".

Although not their most consistent release (I heard almost all Show-Ya's discography), "Genuine Diamond" is a nice opportunity to discover this good, experienced band.
They have the Hard & rockin' AOR sounds to please the fans of the genre, with a twist, as most of listeners are not habituated to foreign lyrics. Something different to try.
Only released in Japan.

SHOW-YA - Genuine Diamond (2012) back cover

Keiko Terada - Vocals
Miki "sun-go" Igarashi - Guitars
Satomi Senba - Bass
Miki Nakamura - Keyboards
Miki Tsunoda - Drums



CHICAGO - O Christmas Three (2012)

CHICAGO - O Christmas Three (2012) mp3 download


Christmas has arrived early as one of America's most successful rock bands, CHICAGO, and producer Phil Ramone have teamed up for the release of the band's third, and perhaps most rocking, holiday recording yet with "O Christmas Three" -- also known as Chicago XXXIII.
The band is playing with the album's name (tree/three) as they recorded two holiday season LP's during the nineties.
"O Christmas Three" was published by themselves for last year's Xmas, and now Rhino Records is picking up the recording for a US national retail release.

Jason Scheff, Lou Pardini, Robert Lamm, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Walter Parazaider, Tris Imboden, Keith Howland and Drew Hester treat us to 14 Christmas and holiday favorites that have been "Chicagoized" with that famous sound we've all come to know.
There's the Chicago typical smooth jazz / West Coast AOR sounds to their more rocking approach on these tunes.

The band cranks up the guitars along with the brass on a rollicking cover of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree".
We have guest performances on some tracks, being my favorite the contribution of fellow classic rockers America for a tunefully joyous version of the traditional carol "I Saw Three Ships".
Chicago wrote a new song for the recording: the playful "Rockin' and Rollin' on Christmas Day" with the great Steve Cropper on guest guitars. An album highlight.
Of course there's softer moments with some jazzy Chicago's overtones in "I'll be Home for Christmas" and "My Favorite Things", arranged by Robert Lamm.
And the obligatory ballad (after all it wouldn't be a Chicago record without a power ballad, but there's only one on this CD, as most of the album is mid and uptempo), "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" where Jason Scheff sings beautifully.

There have been here many requests for Christmas albums, and I think "O Christmas Three" fulfils the quality requirements.
This is not your typical Holiday album, it's essentially a Chicago album, doing Christmas songs, yes, but 'Chicago-ized'. The music runs the gamut of their long and storied career as Chicago has explored about every style of music, from jazz-rock to horn-filled Soul, L.A. WestCoast AOR and Rock 'n roll.
Happy Holidays!

CHICAGO - O Christmas Three (2012) tracklist

CHICAGO - O Christmas Three (2012) back cover



ERIC CLAPTON - Slowhand [Deluxe Edition] (2012)

ERIC CLAPTON - Slowhand [Deluxe Edition] (2012) mp3 download

* Fixed

There is simply no-one like ERIC CLAPTON.
From the days when 'Clapton is God' was common graffiti on walls everywhere to today, Clapton is simply one of the best guitar players and most disarmingly charming singers in pop, blues and rock music.
His most iconic album, "Slowhand", recorded at Olympic Studios in South West London, contains some of his very best and most beloved songs, including "Lay Down Sally", "Wonderful Tonight" and "Cocaine".

"Slowhand: The 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" offers the original album, remastered and expanded, with all nine original numbers and four bonus tracks: a great version of "Alberta", plus the previously unreleased "Looking at the Rain," "Greyhound Bus," and "Stars, Strays and Ashtrays." These comprise Disc One of the set.

A week before the 'Slowhand' sessions commenced, the band performed at London's Hammersmith Odeon. Disc Two captures nine songs from the concert, most previously unreleased.
These include rocking versions of "Tell the Truth," "Knocking on Heaven's Door", "Stormy Monday", "Can't Find My Way Home", "Layla", "Steady Rolling Man" and a very long take on "I Shot the Sheriff".
A very well recorded set for the age, without hiss or noises. An enjoyable listening for sure.

But the must have here is "Slowhand", the main album, with its remastered treatment.
I just can't believe how good this disc sounds. The remaster job by Kevin Reeves at Sterling Sound is one of the best I've ever heard, keeping the warmth of a vinyl but with an excellent dynamic range.
Super Classic Rock at its best.

Disc One: 'Slowhand' Remastered And Expanded:
01. Cocaine
02. Wonderful Tonight
03. Lay Down Sally
04. Next Time You See Her
05. We’re All The Way
06. The Core
07. May You Never
08. Mean Old Frisco
09. Peaches And Diesel
10. Looking At The Rain * (Bonus Track)
11. Alberta * (Bonus Track)
12. Greyhound Bus * (Bonus Track)
13. Stars, Strays And Ashtrays * (Bonus Track)

* previously unreleased

Disc Two: Live At Hammersmith Odeon, April 27, 1977:
1. Tell The Truth 9.00
2. Knocking On Heaven’s Door 5.18
3. Steady Rolling Man 6.55 *
4. Can’t Find My Way Home 6.06 *
5. Further On Up The Road 6.35
6. Stormy Monday 12.42
7. Badge 8.37 *
8. I Shot The Sheriff 14.04 *
9. Layla 6.02 *

* previously unreleased

ERIC CLAPTON - Slowhand [Deluxe Edition] (2012) CD

ERIC CLAPTON - Slowhand [Deluxe Edition] (2012) CD



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

PHILIP SAYCE - Steamroller (2012)

PHILIP SAYCE - Steamroller (2012)


Calling PHILIP SAYCE (Jeff Healey Band, Melissa Etheridge) a blues rock guitarist is to paint an unfinished picture. He's a great guitar player, period, but he's also bloomed into an excellent songwriter, and he's a helluva singer to boot.
Philip's new album "Steamroller" is an exceptional dose of big, bold arena rock, and should succeed in turning-in the veteran sideman into a headlining frontman.

Philip Sayce's "Steamroller" does just what it promises - it rolls over anything in it's way, wiping out fear, bringing on joy, and rocking like a crossfire hurricane. This record's been out for a while in most of the world, but it just landed on my doorstep and has found its way into my regular rotation.
This is Sayce's fourth solo CD, and is a great distillation of his storied past, but much more than that it is a rockin' mother of a record that starts out in high gear and never slows down. Nothing in his discography comes close to the bluesy hard sounds of this recording that Sayce, co-writer/producer Dave Cobb (Soundgarden, Jamey Johnson), bassist Joel Gottschalk, and drummer extraordinaire Chris Powell bring to this table.

Opener, title track "Steamroller" is a brash riff rocker that is picture perfect - Sayce is in great voice, and his guitar playing is tightly focused and full of muscular punch. Cobb and Sayce captured as much of this record live in the studio as they could, and it sounds like it. If the new Aerosmith record rocked half this hard, we'll be thrilled. This song sounds like where I wish the Boston bad boys would have ended up.
"Stung By A Woman" on the other hand, isn't a pure bluesy rock number. This is a swaggering slab of British hard-blues rock but mixed with high doses of funk. When Sayce kicks the solo into gear, it reminds you the arena sized rocking-funk-rock that Lenny Kravitz used to play at the beginning of his career and now has sadly forgotten.

Sayce has continually grown as a vocalist, and this record is one of the first I've heard by a hot guitar slinger in some time in which I haven't found myself wishing that there were a better singer on board.
"Marigold" is the album's first ballad, and it's some of the strongest rock balladeering I've heard since John Sykes left us in the lurch. This record reminds me a lot of Blue Murder, especially their great debut.
It's really tough to write a rocker that doesn't sound re-hashed and re-packaged, so when I hear something like "Rhythm and Truth", I am extremely grateful. This number rocks blissfully through a cool intro and verse when suddenly Sayce tosses off a few licks with some great hammer-on madness, then it's off into another dose of what made Aerosmith so incredible.

"Black Train" is another rockin' testament to some brown sugar - when Sayce and Powell face off on this one, it's some of the finest drum and guitar jousting since Blackmore and Paice showed us how it was done back in the halcyon hard rock days of the '70s.
Hard-funk finds its way into "Beautiful", but not in a forced, or stilted way. Some organ makes it into the mix, and this has me dancing in a cool way.
"Holding On" could be seen as just another Hendrixian string bouncing chordal workout, but Powell's intense thrashing, and Sayce's confident vocal elevate it beyond the mundane.
The big rock continues with "A Mystic", a track that evokes a plethora of familiar approaches. I find myself remembering the good old days with Eddie Van Halen, Gary Moore when he was still blazing the rock, and generally a time when loud guitars and drums ruled the landscape of rock and roll.

Last track is entiled as the town in Wales in which Philip Sayce born; Aberystwyth. This instrumental that closes out the album shows that Mr. Sayce has spent his time well - he's plied his trade quite selflessly for a great many years, he's spent a few years finding his feet as an artist, and has now made a record that should, if the world is right, sound his arrival as a big, bright star.
With "Steamroller" Sayce has finally corralled his huge skill set into an album that sounds like nothing but himself - the influences are discernible, but they've taken a back seat to the star of the show. These tunes are very true in spirit and intent - you can hear the man in the musician, and that's point of the trip.
This is one of the great powerhouse bluesy hard rock records of 2012, and I'd suggest you to find yourself a copy of "Steamroller" asap - it's a slammingly satisfying piece of rock.

01 - Steamroller
02 - Stung By A Woman
03 - Marigold
04 - Black Train
05 - Rhythm And Truth
06 - The Bull
07 - Holding On
08 - Beautiful
09 - A Mystic
10 - Aberystwyth

Philip Sayce - vocals, guitars
Joel Gottschalk - bass
Chris Powell - drums, percussion
Fred Mandel - piano
Arlen Schierbaum - keyboards

PHILIP SAYCE - Steamroller (2012) back cover



PR4NA - Prana (2012)

PR4NA - Prana (2012) mp3 download


PR4NA was formed in Rome by Italian singer Riccardo Nardocci (Karnya) and guitarist Francesco Prati.
Both musicians have played in countless bands for the last fifteen years and joined forces for this project comprising the material they've wrote but does not suit the style of their main bands.
Karnya is a prog metal oriented act but both musicians are inclined to more classic melodic sounds as well and needed a vehicle to develop this musical side, then Pr4na was born.

Looking at the cover artwork you might think of a metal band, but their style is modern melodic hard rock with strong progressive injections.
"Eyes in my Mind" opens in a very melodic way with a sound reminiscent of nineties acts, with a bluesy feel in the middle part. Nardocci has a good voice (some accent) but who stands over the other musicians (which are really competent) is guitar player Francesco Prati. His playing is a mix of Richie Kotzen and John Petrucci, and the guy certainly can play.
Next track "Flooding Heart" shows more clearly Pr4na's proggie origins with vintage keyboards in the background, but the chorus is really melodic.
Tracks like "Desert Sand", "With Me" and "Words and Silence" (one of the best of this recording featuring a meaty guitar solo) continue mixing melodic hard with prog.

On other of the highlights, "Crazy Image", Pr4na demonstrate that they're really good, versatile songwriters as this a dynamically arranged uptempo tune blending melodic hard rock and melodic prog with heavy guitars and strong synths.
There are a triad of songs definitely melodic hard rock. One of the more interesting is "Ray of Sunshine", again with unusual arrangements and where we can hear the best vocals of the entire recording, sweet guitars (including acoustics) and airy drumming.
"The Right Thing" has a nineties Euro MHR vibe and a catchy chorus, and "My Love" almost brings some AOR sounds to mix over a deep bass line and surrounding keys. Closer "Feeling" is an acoustic piece, a beautiful one where we can appreciate Nardocci's nice vocal timbre.

Seems members of this interesting project are right now focused in Karnya's upcoming abum, and Pr4na was put on hold for the moment.
This recording was made by themselves with the help of friends from the Italian rock circuit and remains unreleased, and although there's a couple of moments where the mix is a bit shaky, these songs are really strong and skillfully performed.
Pr4na members should seriously consider to give this band a push because their style and sound have a wide range of potential listeners.

01 - Eyes in my Mind
02 - Flooding Heart
03 - Desert Sand
04 - With Me
05 - Words and Silence
06 - Ray of Sunshine
07 - The Right Thing
08 - Never Fail
09 - My Love
10 - Crazy Image
11 - Feeling

Riccardo Nardocci - Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Francesco Prati - Guitars, Keyboards
Enrico Sandri - Bass, Drums
Dario DiPasquale: Drums

Not for Sale


0DAYROCKZ Advanced Releases 2013 VOL.2

0DAYROCKZ Advanced Releases 2013 VOL.2 degreed, snakecharmer, edge, mp3


With the new year arriving soon many rock acts are preparing the release of new material, while others anxiously look forward for their debuts to be finally released.
We have prepared another interesting installment of 0DAYROCKZ Advanced Releases (Vol.2) with advanced tracks / singles from some of them that will see the light of day soon. Some are already established acts, some are really promising new artists dreaming with recognition.
All these tracks are not part of any album yet, some are singles available at the usual music retailers, some not, just distributed to selected press / promotion companies.

With their debut album already recorded, Londoners NIGHT BY NIGHT are one of the most new promising UK acts. Including Sisters Of Mercy's guitarist Ben Christo in the line-up, their gripping sound fuses searing riffs with soaring melodies. Stunning, 3-part vocal harmonies charge their sound in the band's advanced single "Time To Escape", with a Def Deppard wink. They're talking with labels for their full length release.
Swedish melodic rockers DEGREED have completed work on their new studio album - a follow up to 2010's solid Life, Love, Loss album - to be released in February. "Black Cat" shows the band's progression with a tight and catchy melodious track.

EDGE is an exciting new AOR/Melodic Rock band from Karlskoga, Sweden, leaded by Tobias Andersson (Shadowland, Seven Wishes). "Little Girl" is one of the tracks from the album to be released on February by Escape Music. If classic melodic rock is your bag then this one will be right up your alley.
Founded in 2011 by former Whitesnake members Micky Moody and Neil Murray, SNAKECHARMER includes high caliber musicians like Laurie Wisefield, Harry James, Adam Wakeman and singer Chris Ousey making for a unique supergroup. Musically, "Accident Prone", the advanced single from the self-titled debut is everything you would expect from musicians with such a pedigree: a finely crafted Hard Rock song with blues and melodic overtones, akin to Whitesnake (of course), '80s Bad Company and Foreigner.

"One More Minute" is the first single from HARDCORE SUPERSTAR's upcoming album due to 1st of March 2013. Rocking track an million times better production than the previous disc.
What about Swedish sonic aggressors CRASHDÏET? The new album will be out at the end of January. The rough sounding first single "Cocaine Cowboys" envisions an edgier and not so polished sounding album...
MEMORIA AVENUE is the new band from the Norwegian guitar player and songwriter Tor Talle best known from the Northern Light project and working with great artists like Joe Lynn Turner, Fergie Frederiksen, Rob Moratti, Steve Overland and Tony Mills. The amazing singer is the very talented and hidden jewel Jan Le'Brandt. For the moment the guys are writing and recording songs for the debut album, and "Face The Aftermath" is a killer advance.

The UK's LEAGUE OF LIGHTS are a Melodic Rock super group with an '80s influence who already delighted us with their self-titled debut last year. The advanced single "Forever" from the still untitled new CD is a brilliant track plenty of rich harmonies.
Spanish melodic hard rockers AIRLESS will release their fourth album Changes on February 15, 2013 via Lion Music. A band which has been working seriously to get international recognition, and the single "Start Again" confirms that they largely deserves it.
Virtuoso guitar player TAKAYOSHI OHMURA is considered a kind of god in Japan but in the rest of the world is not well known. Devils In The Dark will be his international debut and surely it's a blast. His hard rock is extremely polished and production, first rate. We heard one advance in the previous volume of this sampler, "Shadows Of Eternity" is another kickin' cut featuring singer Chris Powers, from Arizona rockers Razer.

Lars Häggström from a small village in northern Sweden is an artist that silently is gaining admiration in all Scandinavia. With his band LARSH AND ONE2HIGH he has recorded an AOR/WestCoast oriented album to be released soon and the first single is a sweet tune with the typical Swedish touch.
For the end we have advanced material from LANESLIDE, the new Melodic Hard Rock project by Frank Vestry (Marcello/Vestry), including Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville), Bruno Kraler (Brunorock), John Billings (Lancia) and many more. Featuring Erik Martensson (Eclipse) on backing vocals, "Flying High" is a great song from an album that will be 'one of the releases of the year' in 2013. More info coming soon.
As bonus, and with Christmas arriving next week, enjoy legend JIMI JAMISON (he keeps getting better and better) performing "It Wouldn't Feel Like Christmas". The single was recorded last year but now is being re-released due the extensive radio play in the US and requests for availability again.

01 - Night By Night: Time To Escape
02 - Degreed: Black Cat
03 - Edge: Little Girl
04 - SnakeCharmer: Accident Prone
05 - Hardcore Superstar: One More Minute
06 - Crashdiet: Cocaine Cowboys
07 - Memoria Avenue: Face The Aftermath
08 - League Of Lights: Forever (duet with Glynn Morgan)
09 - Airless: Start Again
10 - Takayoshi Ohmura: Shadows Of Eternity (feat. Chris Powers)
11 - Larsh and One2High: Missing Piece
12 - Laneslide: Flying High
13 - Jimi Jamison: Wouldn't Feel Like Christmas

0DAYROCKZ Advanced Releases 2013 VOL.2 degreed, snakecharmer, edge, mp3

Only @ 0dayrockz


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LISA DOMINIQUE - All Fall Down + Jaleous Heart (2012)

LISA DOMINIQUE - All Fall Down + Jaleous Heart (2012) mp3 download


LISA DOMINIQUE’s musical career kicked off in 1985.
Leaving her home town in East Yorkshire with a suitcase and a dream, she went to London to join her first band, 'Marino' (her's brother group).
Their live performances received rave reviews by Kerrang! magazine and soon management companies approach the band, but wanted Lisa as solo artist.

Lisa left the band and signed with FM Revolver records, relasing in 1988 her first self penned single-EP "Jealous Heart" and continues to grace the stages and pages of European rock magazines.

LISA DOMINIQUE Jaleous Heart (2012)

After a sell out spring/summer tour, Lisa Dominique's full album debut 'Rock n’ roll Lady' tops the rock charts upon release, being the first single-EP "All Fall Down".
Many well known names of the UK scene were involved (uncredited) such as Mick Ronson and Robert John 'Mutt' Lange.
That year Lisa Dominique is voted Britain's No. 1 rock n’ roll female singer and sex symbol. Playboy magazine makes Lisa a generous offer but the UK's rock queen says 'no, thanks'.
But apart from her gorgeous look the girl can sing, and also wrote her own rockin' songs. The best tracks from her debut album are precisely these both singles.

For the first time ever, the resurrected FM Revolver label is releasing both EP's in digital format. Although due the album's success the single-EP "All Fall Down" was pressed on CD, "Jealous Heart" only appeared on 12'' vinyl. Each EP includes one exclusive non-album track.
Very nice reissue so long out of print and hard to find.

"All Fall Down" single-EP '89
01 - All Fall Down
02 - Time Bomb
03 - Dreamaker (non album track)
"Jealous Heart" single-EP '88
04 - Jaleous Heart
05 - Trouble
06 - Rock 'n' Roll The Place (non album track)

Lisa Dominique - vocals, percussion
Mick Ronson, Marino Dominique - guitars
Ian Spicer, Bob Skeat - bass
P.J. - drums



Monday, December 17, 2012

AFFECTOR - Harmagedon [Limited Edition O-Card packaging] (2012)

AFFECTOR - Harmagedon [Limited Edition O-Card packaging] (2012) FRONT


Coming together when German guitarist Daniel Fries approached Neal Morse drummer Collin Leijenaar with some demo ideas he had put together, "Harmagedon" is the conceptual, star-studded prog metal debut album from AFFECTOR.
The band, however, might initally have drawn most prog enthusiasts' attention due to the addition of Spock's Beard / Enchant vocalist Ted Leonard and Symphony X bassist Mike LePond.
Add to these a stellar cast of guest keyboardists Jordan Rudess, Neal Morse, Alex Argento and Derek Sherinian being given carte blanche to spread their magic across the album.

Opening with a short "Overture" courtesy of Poland's Sinfonietta Consonus, immediately it is clear that Harmagedon is set to be a prog metal album unwilling to take prisoners. Long, intricate, sometimes frantic instrumental passages are intertwined with mellower interludes where the lyrics are given the time to flourish and come to the fore.
Sometimes that aspect can be too strongly leaned upon, however if the thought of muscular, ever evolving soundscapes from the likes of Dream Theater or Spock's Beard are something that captures your interest, then prepare to blown away.
Huge in scope and grand in execution, tracks such as the fourteen minute "The Rapture" will have you gripped as it flashes from guitar run to drum explosions via a multitude of keyboard fills. Leijenaar is not only responsible for producing this album, he lays down 'catchy' drum patterns, injects the compositions with complex drum lines and resolves the knotty instrumental breaks with masterful rhythmic awareness. The percussive elements planted in this track suggest he has a deep understanding of eastern percussion, which he expertly uses to underscore Alex Argento's keyboard work.

The guitar style that Fries employs is reminiscent of John Petrucci or Michael Romeo, but has more than enough individual style to set Affector apart.
On the second track "Overture Pt. 2: Prologue", the guitar tone is perfect; it is warm and fluid. Also, it has an eerie Liquid Tension Experiment texture to it, filling every pocket of sound with snaky rhythms and extended instrumental solos. Occasionaly, it adopts some heavy riffing, but Fries strictly keeps within the realm of progressive rock-meets-metal territory.
The lyrical concept over "Harmagedon" is a biblical slant on Nostradamus' end of the world theory, told with conviction by vocalist Ted Leonard which is one of those severely underrated talents, and he really struts his stuff all over this recording.

AFFECTOR - Harmagedon [Limited Edition O-Card packaging] (2012) sticker

Perhaps for the first time ever, former and current Dream Theater keyboardists, Jordan Rudess and Derek Sherinian, appear on the same studio album.
Their distinctive playing styles lend the album variety and depth. Rudess' plays a solo in the title track while Sherinian plays two, not one, leads on "Falling Away & the Rise of the Beast." Due to his earthy tone selection, he is instantly recognizable.
Of course, there is also Neal Morse on this tune, who plays his lead in his own unique style. He does not try to compete with or match Sherinian: instead, he adds texture and colour to the piece.
Fries specifically asked Morse to handle the lead work on "Cry Song," given it is dedicated to his father whom he lost a few years ago. Morse seems to understand the need of the piece perfectly and inserts a heartfelt lead without detracting from its direction at all.

In this CD all flows beautifully, with the songs feeling linked and relevant to each other, however the albums closes with two tracks that really take everything to another level.
Running to thirteen minutes exactly, the title track is a perfect lesson in how a blistering prog workout can be punctuated with more introverted passages to make a completely rounded journey. Leonard again is stunning, but it is the way in which the guitars, bass and keys blend with the non-stop drumming that makes for something special.
If anything closing track "New Jerusalem" takes all of that a slight step further, bringing things to a close in seriously impressive style.
This limited edition contains two acoustic versions of "Harmagedon" and "New Jerusalem," and they're great, with a completely new dimension. The mix is stunning, and the vocal performance even surpasses the album versions.

For progressive rock/metal fans, Affector is nothing short of a supergroup, and in their debut "Harmagedon" the band delivers exactly what's expected from them: big riffs, orchestral swells, symphonic keyboards and plenty of bombast permeate this concept album, which, for lovers of epic releases, will push all the right buttons.
At times things can become uber-technical, but the level of musicianship is never short of stunning and for the most part even the more technical blasts are in complete sympathy with their surroundings.
For some, the lyrical content may well be too based on the religious side, but the vocal display from Leonard is nothing short of phenomenal, meaning that whether you have a connection to the words or not, you never fail to be engaged by the singing.
This kind of material requires expert hands, and Rick Rouser's (Neal Morse, Transatlantic) mix and mastering is clear and organic.
Supergroups for the most part seem to let down more than they impress. But if truth be told, this is one of the exceptions. Affector's lineup will ensure there's no shortage of fans that will quickly pick this up without a second thought.
And so they should. "Harmagedon" is a worthy effort.

01 - Overture pt. 1; Introduction
02 - Overture pt. 2; Prologue
03 - Salvation
04 - The Rapture
05 - Cry Song
06 - Falling Away & Rise Of The Beast
07 - Harmagedon
08 - New Jerusalem
09 - Harmagedon [Acoustic] (Bonus Track)
10 - New Jerusalem [Acoustic] (Bonus Track)

Ted Leonard - Vocals
Daniel Fries - Guitars
Mike LePond - Bass
Collin Leijenaar - Drums

Guest musicians:
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
Derek Sherinian - Keyboards
Neal Morse - Keyboards
Alex Argento - Keyboards
The Polish orchestra 'Sinfonietta Consonus'

AFFECTOR - Harmagedon [Limited Edition O-Card packaging] (2012) back cover



SCORPIONS - Love At First Sting [24 Karat Gold edition] (2012)

SCORPIONS - Love At First Sting [24 Karat Gold] (2012) mp3 download


The SCORPIONS are the largest selling German band in rock history - Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Francis Bucholz, and Herman Rarebell are legends of the metal genre.
Although the Scorpions had already achieved fame after 1982's 'Blackout', "Love at First Sting" was the first album to please the overall radio world and brought them their biggest single of the decade.
It is from this record that most of the group's hits originate, and the tracklist reads like a greatest hits collection.

The prestigious Audio Fidelity company was well aware of these notable facts and has released their plated remastered copy in 2012 as a numbered collectable 24 Karat Gold CD.
SCORPIONS - Love At First Sting [24 Karat Gold] (2012) CD

If you don't recognize "Rock You Like a Hurricane" you had better check for a pulse. It is one of the most singularly recognizable hard rock songs of all time. The vocals of their only lead singer since the bands inception - Klaus Meine - remain as distinctive and energizing as they always have. He had that little German accent that was just enough to give him a sound nobody else could duplicate.
"Still Loving You" is an all-time classic rock ballad that has stood the test of time and showcases pretty passionate soloing from lead guitarist Matthias Jabs.
And of course there's another memorable anthems in "Big City Nights", "Bad Boys Running Wild" and "I'm Leaving You", all strong numbers featuring excellent melodies penned by rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker.
The acoustic turned heavy rocker "Coming Home" is one of the best songs the band has ever wrote, being the signature opening for many of their live shows.

"Love At First Sting (24 Karat Gold)" comes with a slip case and booklet with all the lyrics which is always nice to have.
The sound is amazing and full bodied offering every tone and detail a recording possibly could. This is hard rock at its very best and Audio Fidelity has immortalized this recording with one of their typical first rate editions. A fitting tribute to release the band's trademark album before they leave the stage for the last time next year.
These Audio Fidelity personalized, numbered collectable 24 Karat Gold releases sell out in heartbeat so good luck finding your copy!

01 - Bad Boys Running Wild
02 - Rock You Like A Hurricane
03 - I'm Leaving You
04 - Coming Home
05 - The Same Thrill
06 - Big City Nights
07 - As Soon As The Good Times Roll
08 - Crossfire
09 - Still Loving You

Klaus Meine: Vocals
Rudolf Schenker: Guitar
Matthias Jabs: Guitar
Francis Bucholz: Bass
Herman Rarebell: Drums, Percussion

SCORPIONS - Love At First Sting [24 Karat Gold] (2012) back cover



Sunday, December 16, 2012

OSUKARU - Salvation [Japan Deluxe Edition Bonus CD] (2012)

OSUKARU - Salvation [Japan Deluxe Edition Bonus CD] (2012) mp3 download


Swedish / American combo OSUKARU finally released their full length album "Salvation" this year.
They have already impressed the AOR community with the previous EP's 'GBG2LA' (2012) and 'Never Too Late' (2011). As both never were published in Japan, Osukaru has released a very special version of "Salvation" there.

"Salvation; Japanese Deluxe Edition" includes the new album with a different artwork plus an extra CD including the EP's, both discs including exclusive bonus tracks.Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Osukaru was founded by ex Eye / Katana guitarist Oskar 'Oz Osukaru' Petersson together with L.A. drummer Ryan Coyle. They are one of the few bands from the new millennium still playing classy AOR / Melodic Rock in its purest form.

OSUKARU - Salvation [Japan Deluxe Edition Bonus CD] (2012) CD

The previous EP's featured different vocalist each, and so in "Salvation". Then in this double-CD you hear varied singing and a bunch of 24 chorus/keyboard driven '80s AOR tunes.
You have here all Osukaru's material released so far, plus some bonus tracks.

CD 1 - Salvation (2012)

01 Exit
02 Highway To The Stars
03 Hot Blooded Woman
04 City Lights (2012 version)
05 Till The End Of Time
06 Never Too Late (2012 version)
07 Change Of Heart (2012 version)
08 Tear It Down
09 Promised Land
Bonus tracks for Japan:
10 Tell Me You'll Stay (2012 version)
11 Change Of Heart (karaoke)

CD 2 - Never Too Late (2011) & GBG2LA (2010)

01 Never Too Late
02 City Lights
03 Whatever It Takes
04 Driven By Love (2011 version)
06 Driven By Love
07 Change Of Heart
08 Believe
09 Tell Me You'll Stay
10 Out Of Touch
11 Dedicación
12 It Was Meant To Be
Bonus track for Japan:
13 Tell Me You'll Stay (feat. Philip Lindstrand on vocals)
[digital single 2010, prev. unreleased on CD]

Oz Osukaru - guitars, backing vocals, keyboards
Emma-Lee Gunnari - bass
Ryan Coyle - drums, percussion
Kristofer Von Wachenfeldt - keyboards
Chris Tiann - lead vocals (2012)
Carl "СJ" Johan - lead vocals (2011)
Johan Bernspang - lead vocals (2010)
Tobias Karlsson - guitar (2010)
Carl Dahlberg - keyboards (2012)
Kristopher Von Wachenfeldt - keyboards
Erik Jardenmark - sax
David Neil Cline - guest guitar solo
The Magic Eden String Quartet - strings
Alexander Strandell, Johan Bernspang, Martin Ryder - backing vocals

OSUKARU - Salvation [Japan Deluxe Edition Bonus CD] (2012) back



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CHANDLER MOGEL - Vocalist (2012)

CHANDLER MOGEL - Vocalist (2012) BIG NATURE mp3 download


US shouter CHANDLER MOGEL has become one of the most requested young singers of the scene.
Following the path of Jeff Scott Soto or Goran Edman, Chandler is a voice-for-hire vocalist which powerful wide range lets him perform any genre easily.

As stable member of Outloud - definitely amongst the best new Melodic Hard Rock bands - Chandler has delighted us in the two very good CD's from the band.
But he has recorded with many acts such as DION, Chris Bickley, Khaos (all presented here), Talon, Iron Bridge Band, The Feckers, Dangered Ace, to name some.

Now Chandler Mogel has recorded a bunch of his own songs, some of them from Chandler's previously unreleased Big Nature project.
Ranging from solid melodic hard rockers as "Far From Reborn" (check the video-song below), to hard funk-rockers ala Extreme (Livin' In The Outside) to acoustics in "The Mighty Tree" and the bluesy hard rock of "Doomsday Shuffle", Mogel spreads excellent vocal melodies with great variation.

With a his powerful Danny Vaughn / Michael Lee Smith (Starz) / Joey Tempest (Europe) type of voice, the man shows his talent in these carefully produced tracks accompanied by skilled musicians.
This a 'recording artist' material only, not for sale...

01 - Far From Reborn
02 - Big Nature (Livin' In The Outside)
03 - The Mighty Tree
04 - Doomsday Shuffle
05 - One Way Ride
06 - Jamie Grey

Personnel: unlisted

Not for sale


QUIET RIOT - Condition Critical [Rock Candy Remaster] (2012)

QUIET RIOT - Condition Critical [Rock Candy Remaster] (2012) mp3 download


QUIET RIOT's best selling albums, 'Metal Health' and 'Condition Critical', have been reissued by Rock Candy Records.
They will both come complete with the usual Rock Candy trimmings: 24-bit remastering from original source tapes, lengthy essay's about the making of the album, full artist involvement, new interviews, enhanced artwork and additional photos spread out over large full color booklets.

Back in 1983/84, Quiet Riot were arguably the biggest rock band in the world. Not something many music critics would like to acknowledge, but the fact is they spearheaded the wave of Los Angeles rock and metal acts which would change the face of music on an international level.
They were actually the frontrunners in a movement which would transform the American charts and sway the rock pendulum away from British heavy metal to American hair metal.

In 1983, 'Metal Health' broke all the charts around the world. Then quickly Quiet Riot's label asked for a new recording to capitalize the success of their previous album.
Despite being rushed, follower "Condtion Critical", in my opinion, is superior in all aspects to its predecessor. There's more solid songs, the band gained glue thanks the continuous touring and even production is better.
We have another fun Slade cover on "Mama Weer All Crazee Now", while "Sign Of The Times", "Party All Night" and "Winners Take All" are among the highlights. The 'second side' has some great catchy songs in "Stomp Your Hands", Clap Your Feet", "Red Alert" and "(We Were) Born To Rock".
However, you can't forget the hidden gem on this record, which is the title track. "Condtion Critical" is the best track QR has ever written.

As reader of this blog, you surely own a copy of mega-seller 'Metal Health'.
However, despite "Condition Critical" sold over two million units, there's many '80s commercial metal fans out there - young and from the 'old guard' - that never heard it.
This Rock Candy Records remaster sounds like a million bucks. The enhanced frecuencies and a more 'airy' vibe makes the rediscover of this good platter a real pleasure.

01 - Sign Of The Times
02 - Mama Weer All Crazee Now
03 - Party All Night
04 - Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet
05 - Winners Take All
06 - Condition Critical
07 - Scream And Shout
08 - Red Alert
09 - Bad Boy
10 - (We Were) Born To Rock

Kevin DuBrow - vocals
Carlos Cavazo - guitars
Rudy Sarzo - bass
Frankie Banali - drums, percussion



Friday, December 14, 2012

RICHARD MARX - Christmas Spirit [Target Deluxe Edition] (2012)

VANGOUGH - Kingdom Of Ruin (2011)


Christmas time is coming closer and we do have a very beautiful holiday album in the pipeline for 2012.
I'm a sucker for good Christmas albums, and I'm also a sucker for RICHARD MARX. Great voice, great songwriter, he’s written some of the greatest rock&pop / aor songs of all time. Everyone should at least own one of his greatest hits compilations.
"Christmas Spirit" is the first Marx Christmas full album (there was an EP last year), and includes original tracks written for the occasion.

The album is named after one of the album's original Marx-penned songs (together with AOR master Fee Waybill). And it's a really good one.
In fact, "Christmas Spirit" is one of my favorite songs on the album. It's upbeat and with Marx's trademark style. It could be a future contemporary Christmas classic in my opinion.
The second original track, "Christmas Mornings" - this time co-written with movie soundtrack genius Dave Grusin - sounds like a classic Richard Marx ballad, lead by a beautiful melody.

The rest of the album is full of holiday standards which are sometimes played traditionally and sometimes not.
"I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day" becomes even more of a haunting ballad in the hands of Richard Marx. "Little Drummer Boy" is another song that has received a soft rock/pop makeover.
Other traditionals such as "The Christmas Song", "White Christmas", "Let There Be Peace on Earth" and "O Come All Ye Faithful" are played pretty faithfully but still done with Marx's polished style.
I don’t mind hearing traditional Christmas songs played straight. For me, it has more to do with who is singing the song and it's great hearing Richard Marx put his stamp on these timeless classics.

When I found out Richard Marx was releasing a Christmas album, I knew I had to check this out.
There are some artists that toss out a holiday album as a cheap & lazy way to cash-in on the holiday cheer of an unsuspecting public but that's not what we get with "Christmas Spirit". This Target Exclusive Edition includes four bonus tracks well worth of picking up.
With its warm production and elegant arrangements this recording is a new holiday classic that is sure to get a lot more play in my house around the holidays as the years go on.
Merry Christmas, with good music in your stereo.

01. The Christmas Song
02. Christmas Spirit
03. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
04. Let There Be Peace On Earth (duet with K. Loggins)
05. O Come All Ye Faithful
06. Little Drummer Boy
07. O Holy Night
08. What Child Is This
09. Silent Night (duet with S. Watkins)
10. Christmas Mornings
11. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (duet with S. Niemietz)
12. White Christmas
13. Alleluia
14. Blue Christmas [Target Bonus Track]
15. Silver Bells [Target Bonus Track]
16. Jingle Bell Rock [Target Bonus Track]
17. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Target Bonus]

Richard Marx – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Backing Vocals
Jerry McPherson – Guitar
Matt Scannell – Guitar
Mark Hill – Bass
Steve Brewster – Drums
Will Sayles – Drums
Michael Omartian – Piano
Jason Webb – Piano
Kenny Loggins – Lead Vocals (“Let There Be Peace On Earth”)
Sara Watkins – Lead Vocals (“Silent Night”)
Sara Niemitz – Lead Vocals (“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”)



SLASH - Bad Rain [EP] (2012)

SLASH - Bad Rain [EP] (2012) mp3 download


"Bad Rain" is the third single taken from SLASH's 2nd solo album Apocalyptic Love, which was released earlier this year on his own Dik Hayd International label.
The video accompanying the single is of the ‘live-performance’ variety, except this time Slash and his band have all been transformed into cartoons, rocking on stage in a burlesque-style club.

The physical CD of "Bad Rain" is promotional only, including the exclusive track "Beggars and Hangers On" recorded live at the Guitar Center, plus
"Back from Cali" and "Standing In the Sun" Live from New York, both only available in the limited run of a new deluxe packaged CD/DVD box set to be released in UK and some selected European countries.
"Bad Rain" single-EP is already getting a cult status as few copies were pressed and some are fetching high prices on auction sites.

Anyway, there is an agreement with some European retailers to sold the EP digitally for a limited time. But it never will be available in the US and the rest of the world on any format.

01. Bad Rain (single version)
02. Beggars and Hangers On (Live from Guitar Center)
03. Back from Cali (Live from New York)
04. Standing In the Sun (Live from New York)

Slash - Guitars
Myles Kennedy - Vocals
Todd Kerns - Bass
Brent Fitz - Drums

BUY IT ! (digitally in some Euro countries only);


Thursday, December 13, 2012

JAMIE ALIMORAD - Words Left Unsaid (2012)

JAMIE ALIMORAD - Words Left Unsaid (2012)


Now this is a real find.
Seems singer-songwriter Jamie Alimorad has gained a lot of success in the Eastern US as an independent artist since starting out in 2008, releasing an EP in 2010.
Listening his debut CD "Words Left Unsaid", it's easy to understand why.

This is a guy with a great voice and rock-solid musical skills, who successfully straddles the line between Rock&pop and melodic mainstream rock, crafting catchy tunes with ear-pleasing melodies and an upbeat vibe.
Alimorad's voice and style is reminiscent of artists like Rick Springfield (Alimorad is a big fan) and Bryan Adams.
Specifically, there's an immediacy and straightforwardness to his lyrics and music that really reminds me Springfield circa 1984. And like the tunes of both Adams and Springfield, Alimorad's songs set up a scene and tell a story: in this case, usually a love-story.

The album's opener "Tiffany" sets the mood of the CD, and kicks things off with a bang. Right from the start, we know this is straight up, catchy rock music. I can see why he is compared with Rick Springfield: Alimorad's songwriting it's to the point, poignant, and humourosly light at the same time.
Then we have "Dancing With You", a song like you used to listen in the radio back in the mid '80s. A track you could crank it loud and proud with the top down and cruisin' slow and low. This is feel-good music, and a good one.
Follower "Can't Stop Thinking About You" has same instant classic feel, a melodic rocker from which the good ol' Rick would be proud of.

Another stand-out track is the darker and angrier "Weapon", with growlier vocals from Alimorad and a slightly rougher sound.
Then in "That's What She Said" Jamie adds a much modern sound to the mix, with synths and an almost a dance rhythm, but the song still has that tongue-in-cheek, edgy, fun feel to it combining that Dx-7 sounds with Marshall amp driving guitars; sure to be a party hit.
Of course we have mid-tempos and ballads like the classy "Someday, Somewhere" (great one), "Beautiful" (Springfield comes to mind again) and closer "Forever And A Day" wonderfully filled by acoustics and melodious lines, which explodes in the middle with a sparkling electric solo.

"Words Left Unsaid" was a really pleasant find at the end of the year.
A big part of Jamie Alimorad's appeal is his voice. It's strong, clean and with just enough rasp in it to make it interesting. He also has an obvious talent for writing catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics.
One of the things I like best about this album is that it plays like a LP record; it even has that good 'side A – side B' transitional feeling, and some of the best songs are like gems hidden toward the end of the album. Each song has its own little things that make it stand out, and there are lots of surprises.
Jamie Alimorad has rounded a very special album hard to find these days, with all that eighties Rick Springfield AORish feel yet with a modern, crisp production.
This cat is onto something, he's got the chops, the style and the sounds to please the old geezers and the new generations as well: timeless music.
Very Recommended.

01 - Tiffany
02 - Dancing With You
03 - Can't Stop Thinking About You
04 - Someday, Somewhere
05 - Weapon
06 - That's What She Said
07 - Beautiful
08 - Get You Back
09 - Does It Really Have To End This Way
10 - Crawling Back To Me
11 - Don't Say It's Over
12 - Forever And A Day

Jamie Alimorad - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards
John Scott - Guitars, Background Vocals
Pat Gorman - Bass, Background Vocals
Lucas Jones - Drums



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BABYJANE - Make It Sick (2012)

BABYJANE - Make It Sick (2012) mp3 download


There's an obvious 'true-Rock' resurgence all over the world, and Australia is one of the places popping up really interesting acts lately.
Over a year and a half ago BABYJANE debuted with an interesting platter filled with guitar driven groovin' rockers.
"Make It Sick" is the just released sophomore CD from Perth Western band recorded in the US with legendary producer Michael Wagener.

The opening title track is arguably the best song BabyJane have ever recorded. "Make It Sick" is the type of over-the-top ball-busting rocker that the good Sunset Strip bands back in the '80s used to write, and recruiting former Motley Crue frontman John Corabi to record the lead vocals is simply icing on the cake.
Following up with the sure to be a live favorite "She’s Just A Liar" you take note of the dynamic, raw power lead vocals of singer Andy Smith, a guy born to this kind of hard rock.
The wonderfully titled "New York Queen/London Whore" is a pumping sleazy track that L.A. Guns would willingly exchange a couple of their finest groupies in order to have in their repertoire -- and they might be willing to make a deal with the devil to get a hold of the furious "Fakin' It", another of the album's standouts.
The sonic attack of "Nu Sonic Plague" - indeed plagued by Shotgun Messiah-like fantastic gang backing vocals all over - shows the band's versatility, as the song has a steady pace but it's extremely catchy.
One of my favorites arrives with the melodic semi-ballad "Bad Woman", a stupendous song with clean yet punctuating guitars recalling Baton Rouge and '87 Def Leppard. Here you can appreciate Andy's vocal maturity and presence.

As if the first half of the album doesn't have your head spinning then the 2nd half will blow your mind.
"Ruby Roulette" perfectly captures the sound of the '80s with its furious guitar leads and gang chorus. I love the line 'I wish I could forget what I remember and remember what I forgot'.
Then we have the polished "Bittersweet" where BabyJane shows their more stylized side in this melodic tune, but soon is followed by the furious 2-min rollercoaster of the aforementioned "Fakin' It".
Next, bass player Paul Judge takes control of the vocals in "Underground Detention", another surprise that I was not expecting. Not only for the change of roles, but also musically, as this track has a much more modern feel than the rest of the CD.

Rounding out the album with the fun rocker "Somebody Up There Hates Me", there's the 49sec dark mellow story called "Bleeding Eyes" filled with acoustics, and then the album finishes abruptly and you sit up and go: 'Hang on! I want more!'.
Well, there's more if you buy Make It Sick's digital version as it's included as bonus the title track this time with the band's singer Andy Smith on leads. His performance is on par or even better than Corabi's, proving Smith's progress as performer.

With "Make It Sick" BabyJane have done a big step to become one the best Australian hard rock bands in present time.
While the comparisons with the more commercial and polished side of L.A. Guns and alikes are unavoidable, to say these Aussies are strictly copycats would be an injustice.
They have the energy and drive of hard rock's forefathers but also add enough modern conveniences to not be considered carbon copies. Prove of this is the style exploration on the above mentioned tracks.
"Make It Sick" rocks really good, and one of the factors to this success is the solid production by maestro Michael Wagener, who knows 'something' about this game.

01. Make It Sick
02. She's Just A Liar
03. New York Queen/London Whore
04. Nu-Sonic Plague
05. Bad Woman
06. Ruby Roulette
07. Bittersweet
08. Fakin' It
09. Underground Detention
10. Somebody Up There Hates Me
11. Bleeding Eyes
12. Make It Sick (Bonus Track) [feat. Andy Smith]

Andy Smith - Vocals, Guitar
John Gerasolo - Lead Guitars
Paul Judge - Bass, Vocals
Nik Kats - Drums
John Corabi - guest Vocals on 1

Produced, mixed and mastered by Michael Wagener



BAD BOY EDDY - Over The Top (2012)

BAD BOY EDDY - Over The Top (2012) mp3 download


Veterans from the Californian Bay area, BAD BOY EDDY have been rocking the underground scene since the late '80s playing in every venue and opening for major acts such as Trixter, Firehouse, Saigon Kick, Y&T, Quiet Riot and many more.
Never is too late, and after those years the experienced quintet finally have their official CD debut "Over The Top" out there.

The Bad Boy Eddy crew are like the Sunset Blvd history alive, as if the years had not passed by for them.
Guitarist Dave Saker has been on stage for 25 plus years and was signed on CBS records in 1984 with the band 'OZ'. Many of you surely have his solo-band album 'Saker' released few years ago by Retrospect Records.
The rhythm section of Tin Sanders & Larry Bernal were in countless acts as well, and with new powerhouse vocalist Eddy Vega's strong presence, in the last two years Bad Boy Eddy rapidly gained attention from the media.
A specialized label signed them and now we can enjoy "Over The Top" worldwide.

As said before, Bad Boy Eddy were able to maintain the '80s feel intact over the years, and this is reflected in "Over The Top".
This is real fist-pumping, heart-thumping '80s Californian hard rock with all the energy and kickin' sounds of that era driven by catchy melodies and genuine attitude.
Essentially you're thrown into The Cathouse or the Whisky A Go-Go where the only thing surrounding you is sweaty bodies, sex, damp leather and the smell of melting hairspray.
They have the look, they have the sound, they have the feeling... Bad Boy Eddy are the complete total package for all your eighties needs.

If you're a fan of this genre (and who does not?) when it's played as it supposed to do, you'll be in love with anthems such as "Fever", "She Gives Me A Feeling", "Rad Ruby" or "Living Lies".
They could be more aggresive with hot riffage in "I Don't Want You" and "Teenage Sacrifice", or really close to melodic hard rock on "She Gives Me A Feeling" and the catchy "Funky Monkey".
Of course they made space for a ballad in "Fly Away", but even there Bad Boy Eddy doesn't lose their grip.

We had to wait almost 25 for Bad Boy Eddy's debut, but hell, they definitely deliver what they promise.
Let me emphasize the stupendous production: perfect for this genre, with a crisp and clear sound enhancing the melodies yet not cutting the 'edge'.
Do yourself a favor and don't miss "Over The Top".

01 - Fever
02 - She Gives Me A Feeling
03 - I Don't Want You
04 - Super Sonic Freak
05 - Living Lies
06 - Funky Monkey
07 - Rad Ruby
08 - Teenage Sacrifice
09 - Fly Away
10 - Maker Of Dreams

Eddie Vega - lead vocals
Dave Saker - lead guitar, vocals
Eddie Nixon - guitar
Tim Sanders - bass
Larry Bernal - drums



I AM I - Event Horizon (2012)

I AM I - Event Horizon (2012) mp3 download


I AM I is the new band that has been put together by former Dragonforce frontman Z.P. Theart following on from what was evidently an acrimonious parting of the ways due to 'insurmountable differences of opinion'.
Aside from Z.P., I Am I is comprised of drummer Paul Clark Jr, bassist Neil Salmon and guitarist and co-songwriter Jacob Ziemba who excels on both counts.
I AM I debut "Event Horizon" was released independently on CD last September, and now is available digitally with the addition of a bonus track.

Unlike the high technical heaviness of his former band, Z.P. Theart aimed I AM I to become more subtle and melodic, driven towards the classic and contemporary edges of metal with a Hard Rock / AOR feel.
"Event Horizon" is a winning combination of the new and the old as I Am I draw from the '80s sounds and brings it right up to date with their kickin' nerve.
Slick solos, rousing choruses and rock solid hooks are to be found right across the album and there is a huge buzz of excitement, energy and adrenaline from start to finish.

Vintage keyboards provide the introduction to one of the highlights of the CD; "This Is My Life", before the song explodes into a rallying call to arms, Ziemba offering the first of several classy solos to go alongside some top notch speed-of light shredding. Killer opener.
"Cross The Line" and "In The Air Tonight" are packed with muscular riffs and strong melodies whereas the piano led power ballad "King Of Ruins" offers a change of mood and tempo and finds Z.P. in sparkling form, showcasing the remarkable variation in his range.

There's more commercial hard rockin' / uptempo AOR sounds in the superb "Silent Genocide" and "Wasted Wonders" (great keyboard line).
But my favorite and perhaps the more representative of the band's style is "Kiss Of Judas". It's an impactul 6.24 min tour de force both catchy and strong with its chorus and mighty riffing & rhythms, but also complex and mysterious.
As bonus, I Am I has added a cover of the Andy Qunta / Chris Thompson penned classic song "You're The Voice" made popular by John Farnham in 1986. Confirming their '80s roots, the band delivers an emotional and edgy-melodic version.

"Event Horizon" may be their debut release but it is apparent that I Am I have very firmly established their credentials and made an immediate impact.
Z.P. no doubt feels he has a point to prove as he begins a new chapter of his musical journey and this recording can lay claim to be considered his finest achievement.
Even with an up to date modern attack, I AM I sounds decisive and with several '80s reminders. There's a few moments of really edgy retro melodic metal with British flavours, but most the time it's wrapped with the typical Hard Rock and rocking AOR bombastic sounds of the glorious decade.
I got to say that I Am I has surprised me. I was not expecting this clean and catchy (yet powerful) delivery from Z.P. & Co. The mix and mastering by ex- Masterplan's Roland Grapow helps to balance the abundance of melodic parts with some crisp edge.
A band with a bright future ahead of them.

01 - This Is My Life
02 - Silent Genocide
03 - Stay A While
04 - Cross The Line
05 - In The Air Tonight
06 - King In Ruins
07 - Kiss Of Judas
08 - Dust 2 Dust
09 - Wasted Wonders
10 - Pave The Way
11 - You're The Voice (digital bonus track)

Z.P. Theart - Vocals
Jacob Ziemba - Guitar
Neil Salmon - Bass
Phil Martini - Drums


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