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CHASE THE ACE - Rock Bottom Rocknroll (2013)

CHASE THE ACE - Rock Bottom Rocknroll (2013) mp3 download


CHASE THE ACE is an Israeli based Hard Rock band that has been active for more than ten years releasing 5 albums (including a live one) and played over 400 gigs under the name 'Koex'.
The group decided to expand their horizons and go global, changing the name to Chase The Ace, writing lyrics in English and publishing their first EP "Rock Bottom Rocknroll" world-wide.

"Rock Bottom Rocknroll" has a professional sound and truly good musicianship as all members in Chase The Ace are academy trained guys in their matter.
The band's style can be described as earlier nineties American Hard Rock with crushing drums, thick riffs & solos and powerful yet controlled vocals (no accent in sight).
Singer Roi Vito Peleg reminds me Don Jillson in places, that's why some tracks in "Rock Bottom Rocknroll" recall Americans Jillson, while Britny Fox and Y&T influences can be heard as well.
Lyrics are pure rock&roll kinda rebel guys, rocker chicks, the pursuit of the rockstar dream, etc, all with the fun vibe typical of the genre ever present.
"The Cat Is On The Loose" and "California" are the more jumpin' and catchy hard rockers, title track "Rock Bottom Rocknroll" and "Take Me Home" add some Sunset Strip sounds (the latter recalling Slash's Snakepit), while the bluesy ballad "Bring You Back" brings some power during the bridge in the Tesla and Great White way.

"Rock Bottom Rocknroll" is a solid and meaty introduction for Chase The Ace to the Western audience, and to be honest, these guys rocks fairly good on par with many established acts.
The fun vibe is supported by well penned songs and strong instrumentation, all crowned by a first rate production for an indie.
A really enjoyable collection of rockers from a new promising band. Keep an eye put on them.

01 - The Cat Is On The Loose
02 - Rock Bottom Rocknroll
03 - California
04 - Bring You Back
05 - We're Taking Over
06 - Take Me Home

Roi Vito Peleg - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Yam Artzy - Drums, Backing Vocals
Omer Schnider - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Yair Gadon - Bass, Backing Vocals



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