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RICHIE SAMBORA - Aftermath Of The Lowdown [promo] (2012)

RICHIE SAMBORA - Aftermath Of The Lowdown (2012)


RICHIE SAMBORA, best known for his brilliant work with the Bon Jovi has announced that his third solo album "Aftermath Of The Lowdown" will be hitting store shelves on September 4.
The latest solo album from the popular Bon Jovi guitarist, vocalist and writer will be released on the indie label Dangerbird Records.

"Aftermath of the Lowdown" is Richie's third solo album, produced together with old friend Luke Ebbin. Ebbin and Richie have worked together before on Bon Jovi's hit albums 'Crush' and 'Bounce'.
Bon Jovi and Sambora fans see Richie Sambora as more than just a guitarist, true fans know that Richie is one of the key pieces of Bon Jovi, the songs, the music and energy that has kept Bon Jovi one of the most successful bands for nearly three decades.
While currently on break between albums and tours, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Tico Torres have all kept busy working on their solo projects.

This complete advanced copy (this isn't the definitive artwork) shows Richie's music in a musical style & sound similar to his latest excellent CD 'Undiscovered Soul', blended with some Bon Jovi's past albums.
Fans of his solo career won't be disappointed with this new material, full of classic sounds and good guitar playing as usual. Sambora's singing is spot on and easy on the ears.
"Aftermath Of The Lowdown" and is due out September 4 worldwide via Dangerbird Records.

01 - Every Road Leads Home to You
02 - Sugar Daddy
03 - Weathering The Storm
04 - Burn the Candle Down
05 - Takin A Chance on The Wind
06 - Nowadays
07 - Learning How to Fly (Broken Wing)
08 - Forgiveness Street
09 - Walk Beside You
10 - Walk Besides You
11 - Seven Years Gone
12 - You Can Only Get So High
13 - World



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