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PHOBOS CORP. - Felicity (2012)

VANGOUGH - Kingdom Of Ruin (2011)

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The mastermind behind PHOBOS CORP. is Greek keyboard player and arranger Spyros Papadakis.
With a handful of collaborators from the USA (Chris Sutherland has played in Saga), and a female lead vocalist, Papadakis delivers his first EP "Felicity".

Put this short disc in the category of symphonic, melodic, and progressive metal akin to a blend between Ayreon and Shadow Gallery. Papadakis draws heavily from traditional metal and film scores, citing Hans Zimmer as a major influence.
Basically, this material is epic, extravagant and often bombastic. But it's not necessarily a synthesizer festival. No, Phobos Corp's compositions offer well-rounded depth from the stunning vocals from Tara to the orchestral arrangements to the stirring guitar solos.
Spyros is equally principal composer and player in the band. Every song here is bounty material, being the intriguing prog nuances of "Conceived Fate" and the majestic "Angels In Despair" the cream.

The arrangements and musical input in "Felicity" are aurally sublime; orchestral passages not commonly heard in the Sympho / Prog Metal genres.
The music has as a well a cinematic motion, with a drip of darkness here and there but mostly catchy. The production is solid and dynamic, with an ascetic, 'cold feel' that - in my opinion - makes the guitars and drums sound truly good for this kind of material.
Papadakis is working on a second Phobos Corp. EP for late 2012. Frankly, I say let's have an LP full of his fine creations.
Very Good and quite original.

01 - One Eternal (Felicity's Song)
02 - Conceived Fate
03 - This Divine Tragedy
04 - Angels In Despair

Spyros Papadakis: Keyboards, Synths
Tara Louise: Vocals
Mark Jones: Guitars & Bass
Chris Sutherland: Drums
Jon Ong, Zach Lemmon: Orchestral Arrangements
Shoi Sen: guest Lead Guitar on "This Divine Tragedy"



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