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KNOCK OUT KAINE - House Of Sins (2012)

KNOCK OUT KAINE - House Of Sins (2012)


The young Hard Rock four piece KNOCK OUT KAINE are from the Midlands region of the UK. Voted best unsigned act of 2008 by Kerrang! and after two good EP's, the band got signed and now are releasing their full length debut "House Of Sins".
Over the last few years Knock Out Kaine have forged a chemistry way beyond their years, which only truly great bands are able to accomplish. By no means X-Factor style 'overnight successes', they have been working their craft hard since their conception in 2005, building to the point where Knock Out Kaine are ready to explode onto 2012 in a very big way.

Indeed, "House Of Sins" is an explosive album.
Here Knock Out Kaine combines all the hard rock sleazy of Motley Crue, Guns or the first LA Guns and the awesomeness of Cinderella, Slaughter and White Lion with some melodic rock overtones in a punchy package.
Dean Foxx has one of those voices coming out straight-off Sunset Blvd, rough but by no means cheap. The guy has an obviously educated throat, as he clearly display a wide range of modulations, always in perfect pitch.
The rhythm section has the exact cadency for this kind of rock, but who really shines is guitarist Jimmy Bohemian, a complete six-string axeman both on electrics or acoustics. His guitar style / tone is awesomely '80s, reminding you Cinderella's Jeff LaBar and Vitto Bratta of White Lion.

The first thing that impress you is the stupendous musiciansip delivered by the band, were all the instrumentation sound tight and shiny.
Although the material is mostly sweaty late '80s American hard rock oriented, the sound is polished and melodic, but with all the necessary sharpness to rock you hard.
Honestly, I can't find a weak track on "House Of Sins".
You can't resist to the thunderous drum beat of "Set The Night On Fire", a genuine rocker with crankin’ guitars and head bangin’ rhythm. Couple that with a great hook and you got the kind of track that makes you sit up and take notice.
Title track "House Of Sins" is a thrilling hard rocker with a fantastic riff in the style of Motley's 'Kickstart My Heart', a kickin' track complete with cowbel.
The riff of the catchy "Liquor Up" is absolutely early eighties Van Halen, same in the tongue-in-cheek "Skinstar" wich features a very melodic chorus.
"Little Crystal" is the band's at its sleaziest. A chugging riff and an unsteady drum beat are the main ingredients while lyrically it tells the tale of a little girl who went off the tracks.

All songs are catchy and instant, but "Goin’ Down” (She Goes)" is the highlight amongst all these catchiness. A track whose foot tapping rhythm and infectious chorus make it tailor made to be played live. A winner.
Cinderella come to mind in the uptempo but acoustically layered "Backstreet Romeo", a track that 25 years ago have been a MTV hit.
Knock Out Kaine also has a melodic rock side. The midtempo "Moving On" has melodius line with some kind of angelic background vocals and nice atmosphere.
On the sensual "Time", the foursome explore their bluesy roots. The vocals of mister Foxx on this particular track hold the middle between actual singing and talking and this works just perfect.
And then we have another tune predestined to be a hit. The emotionally charged "Coming Home" is a lighters in the air power ballad like we used to have plenty of back in the '80s. It's presented in a long 6:21 album version and a shorten Radio Edit take.

Knock Out Kaine are a welcome curveball to what has been tipped for 2012, unfashionably cool with their middle digit firmly raised to the trend setters and followers alike.
This CD easily could be titled Time Machine, as the music encapsulated in these twelve tunes are a fantastic rendition to '80s American Hard Rock, both in sound and attitude.
"House Of Sins" sounds as is the members of Knock Out Kaine have melted all their parents' vinyls, liquefied them and diluted with a plenty dose of Jack Daniels.
The songs move relentlessly forward, with catchiness and bite, very well produced and executed. Each member puts in a flashy performance on this recording and I think the band can be proud of their efforts in this debut.
"House Of Sins" is an excellent release from an up and coming UK band and, hopefully, we'll be hearing a lot more from Knock Out Kaine in the future.
Highly Recommended.

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01 - The Welcome
02 - House Of Sins
03 - Liquor Up
04 - Little Crystal
05 - Set The Night On Fire
06 - Backstreet Romeo
07 - Skinstar
08 - Coming Home
09 - Going Down (She Goes)
10 - Time
11 - Save Me
12 - Moving On
13 - Coming Home (Radio Edit)

Dean Foxx (vocals)
Jimmy Bohemian (guitar, backing vocals)
Lee Byrne (bass, backing vocals)
Danny Krash (drums, backing vocals)



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