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BUXX - Knickers Down (2012)

BUXX - Knickers Down (2012)


Hailing from Buffalo, NY, the same hometown as Duke Jupiter, Bruce Turgon and Lou Gramm, came this Melodic Rock / AOR band called BUXX.
Formed in 1981, they played all around the US Northern states and Canada, and were signed with the small label Panther Records for the release of their 6-track miniLP "Knickers Down" the following year.

The band remained active for occasional gigs, and now, to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of this recording, have officially released "Knickers Down" on CD for the first time.
Originally in 1982, the band's plan was to release an LP, but the label only authorized a mini, common in those years for novel groups. Now, on this re-release, we have the opportunity to listen these previously unreleased tracks.

"Knickers Down" has achieved cult status between AOR fans, as the musical style here is typical '80s hooky Melodic Rock / Radio friendly AOR with the occasional injection of Pomp rock.
Compared to Loverboy, Fortnox, Redvette, Boston or The Tubes, the songs are undeniably catchy, with wonderful melodies and big harmony vocals wrapped in a very good production.
Essentially Buxx have a basic melodic / hard guitar riff based sound with an injection of keyboards to round things out.

More than a nostalgic trip back to the golden AOR era, "Knickers Down" is a very good recording with a consistently high quality songwriting.
We have that magical keyboard and guitar interplay throughout the songs and a variety of lead vocals as three of the band members also sing, delivering lovable harmonies.
Remastered from the original master tapes with additional, never heard tracks from the original recording sessions, Buxx's "Knickers Down" is a treat for any '80s AOR / Melodic Rock fan.
Highly Recommended.

You've seen it first here, at zerodayrockz

01 - Not This Time
02 - Don't Blame You
03 - Are You Alone Tonight
04 - Can't Say No
05 - Hangar 18
06 - Where Are You
07 - Free To Rock
08 - Take You Back Anyway
09 - No Way Outta Here
10 - Get Wise

Martin Victor - lead vocals, keyboards
Paul Gallop - lead vocals, bass
Bob Norman - lead vocals, guitars
Tommy Smith - drums
Alan Desgrange - drums



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