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HEADSPACE - I Am Anonymous [ltd. edition] (2012)

HEADSPACE - I Am Anonymous [ltd. edition] (2012)


Although the title of this debut album from HEADSPACE is "I Am Anonymous", the various members that make up this band won't be anonymous to many rock fans.
Formed by Adam Wakeman, son of legend Rick and current keyboard player for Ozzy's band, Headspace also features Threshold vocalist Damian Wilson and bassist Lee Pomeroy who plays with It Bites and has also played with Steve Hackett, Rick Wakeman and even Take That!
Guitarist Pete Rinaldi spent some time with Justin Hawkins in Hot Leg and drummer Richard Brook has played with Adam's dad Rick too.
So there's a bit of a prog pedigree going on here for starters.

"I Am Anonymous" is a fusion of modern progressive metal and more traditional progressive rock, sitting somewhere in the middle of the two with fantastic results.
It has a '90s sound, resembling many works such as Dream Theater's “Scenes from A Memory” or Queensryche's “Operation: Mindcrime”, but also Rush, Yes and more edged / metal bands.
Lyrically the album is intense and masterfully crafted, dealing with humanity, wars, inner battles, religion and all the things that ultimately affect us on a day to day basis.
We find very long tracks here, but they have enough changes and melodies to keep the listener always interested.

Indeed Headspace seems to pay homage to the classical and modern prog bands, a musical mix of old and new.
This is impressively illustrated on the sprawling and complex "Daddy Fucking Loves You", which at fifteen minutes is the album's longest track, and for me the most brilliant moment. Not boring at all, constantly surprises you.
Other highlights include "In Hell's Name", where Wakeman is let loose on the church organ for an almost hymnal opening section, and the epic full on prog metal attack of "Fall Of America".
"Soldier" is a beautiful redemption ode to the madness of war with only Wilson and Wakeman on piano. A superb track.
Another incedible composition close to perfection is "Die With A Bullet", a masterpiece which can easily be considered a classic in the years to come.

"I Am Anonymous" is one of the surprises of the year.
There is a maturity to this release that you would not expect from the first full album of a band, with no one member of the band taking the spotlight but each playing his part in creating a lush compendium of beautiful sounds and melodies.
Adam Wakeman's keyboard work is particularly impressive and inventive throughout. Damian Wilson puts in an extremely assured performance on vocals and lyrically it's pretty intense and serious. Pete Rinaldi also impresses on guitar duties, while the dynamic rhythm section of Pomeroy and Brook provide a terrific foundation.
A very ambitious, inventive and astonishing debut album, "I Am Anonymous" will certainly win this band an audience, not only in the traditional & metal prog genres, but also in any rock listener eager for high quality music.
Don't miss this excellent CD.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Stalled Armageddon
02 - Fall Of America
03 - Soldier
04 - Die With A Bullet
05 - In Hell's Name
06 - Daddy Fucking Loves You
07 - Invasion
08 - The Big Day

Damian Wilson – vocals
Adam Wakeman – keyboards
Pete Rinaldi – guitars
Lee Pomeroy – bass
Richard Brook – drums, percussion

HEADSPACE - I Am Anonymous [ltd. edition] (2012) back cover



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